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    WHO AM I?

    I come from a small city in the county of Lancashire in the north of England, I grew up on a number of different council estates surrounded by poverty, substance abuse, violence and a whole lot of adults in survival mode just making it from one day to the next. I believed that was life. I left that small city after years of trying to fix or heal my parents, not realising yet that my own healing was what I wanted, I travelled to Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia before returning home for a while and eventually making it to New Zealand.

    I always had a quiet wish to find something different to what I was offered back home in Lancashire and that's what fuelled my travelling. I realised eventually that this wish was about healing the wounds and trauma of the child I was and empowering myself to create the life I have a YES for! And that's what I’m doing now, the life I say YES for is this one where I am healing and transforming my experience into a service for others who are wanting to enter on to their own path.


    I found Possibility Management some years ago, and experienced authentic healing using the tools from this body of work. Fast forward and I am now a father of a beautiful daughter who I am raising consciously in collaboration with my woman, breaking the pattern that was handed down to me and tidying up my lineage. I also found friends there and collaborated to create a Men's event called Inward, where men can come to access the healing they need in order to create the life they really want to create.


    I’m here to Empower you to heal yourself and discover the resources you have available to create the life you have a YES for and I look forward to working with you.

  • Possibility Coaching

    I am on your team!

    1 on 1 Coaching Session $50 per 60 minute session

    If you are looking for new results in your life, you want to change something or are having problems with emotions or relating, get in touch. I'm here to empower you to create what you want and you have all the resources you need to do it.



    I hold space for a 4-5 day transformational event where men discover how to face the pain of being a man in the patriarchal modern culture and are empowered to make a new choice and create the Next Culture.

    Visit the website http://www.inwardmensgathering.mystrikingly.com/


    A selection of my own writing and writing by others that I want to share.

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